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Chiropractic Care in Branson, MO for Knee Pain

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We Improve Knee Pain

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Our Family Chiropractors see patients of all ages, ranging from newborn babies to grandparents, and all the ages in between.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common complaint of people who arrive at our office. Injuries that happen suddenly and with significant force such as: falling off of your bike and landing on your knee, twisting your knee when pivoting while golfing, or overexerting your knee while climbing stairs are just a few of the ways that cause traumatic knee injuries.


Repeated stress to the knees is often the result of knee pain as well, This stress can cause the knee to move out of its normal pattern of motion and cause the knee cap to move off the center line of its normal glide on the femur.

Other common reasons for chronic knee pain can include obesity, improper lifting technique, and poor protection from heel strike shock (if your job requires you to work on a hard surface). There are organic conditions that can cause chronic knee pain, such as infections or tumors, but these are quite rare.

Depending upon your diagnosis, there is a chiropractic treatment which will help you restore your knee(s) to normal function.

If you or your child have had a personal injury causing knee pain and need corrective care, or are in need of preventative and performance enhancement care, the family chiropractors at Hill Family Chiropractic can help!

If you would like to make an appointment for your knee pain, please call our office to schedule: 417-339-3978.

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